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Workshops in marketing, branding, understanding your websites and SEO.

We help you with your Digital Needs

With our custom one on one workshops, we will create a bespoke package to help and teach you so you take charge of your digital presence.

adWords and Digital Advertising Consulting

Digital marketing is the best way to add some traction to your online presence. However knowing which platform and strategy to use can be a challenge. That’s where we come in! We offer one on one workshops to teach you how to set up, manage, report, and run your own digital presence.

Search Engine Optimisation Workshops

We offer one on one training to teach you everything you need to know about your specific SEO needs. From technical updates to on page content to drive conversions we have you covered. Let us help you set up an SEO strategy and best practice to help you succeed.

Website Workshops

Whether you are on Shopfiy, Squarespace, WordPress or more we will create a bespoke training workshop to help you run and optimise your website to its fullest potential. Our aim is to help you achieve your website goals and give you the power to run your online business.

Branding Workshops

We have a number of tools and options to sit down with you and develop a brand identity, understanding of your consumer and develop the style assets needed to help your business fly. Based on your needs we will set up a one on one to nail down and roll out your brand.

We give you the tools to take charge of your digital presence and drive results the way you want



“I worked with Web Paste with the goal of generating more income through Google. They provided me with a clear budget and forecasted results. The results were better than expected and I will continue to work with them. Thanks Web Paste!”