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SEO, adWords, Social, Media Placement.

SEO, AdWords, Social Media

Web Paste have expertise in driving company growth through digital marketing. By building well thought out marketing plans with forecasted results we are able to provide client’s with a return to cost forecast. Call us to hear about our proven track record of successful campaigns for small to large businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can optimise your website and it’s content for search engines, and improve your overall score and ranking. This includes keyword research, page load speed, general site changes to meet search engine criteria, and site layout and page hierarchy.

adWords and Digital Advertising

If a company’s digital assets are performing and providing organic link clicks, it’s not always necessary for sites to use paid advertising. Although, it can sometimes be useful to get traction or when rolling out a new campaign. We can manage these campaigns efficiently and provide an idea of what your return will be on your ad spend.

Social Media

Tying all your channels together is the key to success in the digital space. We can help with marketing campaigns which run across social channels, as well as keeping organic traffic on your website through optimised posts and social content.

No matter what you are trying to achieve online we can help you get there faster with our expert team of digital marketing specialists.



“I worked with Web Paste with the goal of generating more income through Google. They provided me with a clear budget and forecasted results. The results were better than expected and I will continue to work with them. Thanks Web Paste!”




We proudly work with a range of inspirational companies that achieve great things both far and wide.

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