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How To Get To The Top of Google

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SEO is a science that is always evolving there are many must-dos to help your rank. We have put together some content must-dos to get you started on your journey to get to the top of Google.

To begin with look at each page and go through the below content checklist to help you get to the top of Google.

Meta Info

Title Tags: 

Ensure you have added a title tag with 56-60 characters, containing keywords and unique to the page.

Meta Descriptions: 

Ensure you have added a description that is unique to the page, 155-160 characters and contains keywords from the page.


Does the URL match the title of the page must be relevant and clear? Use a – between words, use lower case and no spaces. 


H1 Tag: 

Ensure each page contains one H1 tag which relates to the page.


Has the page been added as a new extra page or has it taken over another page? Make sure you turn any old or unused pages to draft or delete them.

Adding Images 

Image sizes: 

Ensure you check the image sizes and keep in line with the below guidelines

  • Hero: 2400px width, height: auto
  • Half page: 1200px width, height: auto

The rest is common sense base don the above being the upper maximum. 

Image Naming and meta information

Name images with relevant description words before uploading them.

Make sure you fill in 

  • Title 
  • Alt tag
  • Caption 
  • Description

Alt tags are the most important, all the above should contain keywords where possible. 


Try and link pages in a loop take people on a journey ie to click to see more at the bottom

of your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Follow these tips and you will begin to see SEO results and get to the top of Google.

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