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Thinking About Building an eCommerce Website?

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There were a lot of good reasons to build an eCommerce store three years ago, and there are even more now as we survey commerce in the post-pandemic landscape.

Along with being able to reach a countless amount of people who are actively looking for what you are selling, it is also a way to streamline and automate a lot of your existing systems.

Below are two key reasons people are using eCommerce websites and digital marketing to grow their businesses.

1. People spend money online.

New Zealand’s three biggest players in the eCommerce market earnt $1.87 billion in 2021 through their online stores alone. And while these are already very big companies (Countdown, Mitre 10, and The Warehouse), it is a good example that people want to shop online.

In New Zealand, more so than in other countries, people enjoy shopping locally and being part of the community. This will always involve shopping in physical locations. While this is true, we also know that some of us shop online explicitly, and most of us use a combination of the two. From this, we can only assume that if your competitors make their items available online and you don’t, you’ll lose that business.

2. An eCommerce website is a lot cheaper than a storefront.

We often receive calls from people looking to build an eCommerce site but they’re worried about the cost. This is totally understandable, it is often hard to find the funds in a business for an upfront expense. What we urge people to consider is the cost of a shopfront. When you look at the costs of setting up your storefront compared to the cost of creating an eCommerce store, it doesn’t seem like a huge cost.

A good eCommerce store with the right framework of marketing around it will start bringing in as much income as your physical store, and it will be far more capable of growth than a physical store.

If you are looking to save money on an eCommerce store there are several platforms you can use to build the store yourself such as Squarespace and Shopify. These will offer you a cheaper setup cost but will be more costly in the long term, and the chances of a self-built store being as successful as a professionally built one are dubious. If you need help talking through the options please get in touch with us. We can help find a solution to suit your needs.

There are a lot of reasons eCommerce websites are being adopted by businesses to increase sales and grow their customer bases. In the end, 85% of people turn to Google when they are looking for a specific product. To have your products shown to these people who are actively looking to make a purchase you need to have an eCommerce site.

Get in touch with us today to explore the options.